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  • 2023-2026: Royal Society Enhanced Grant, UK, £320k

  • 2023-2025: Royal Society International Exchange, UK, £12k 

  • 2023: NERC Discipline Hopping (DH) for Discovery Science, UK "Exploring antimicrobial resistance in Arctic soils at the forefront of climate   change” £25k

  • 2023: NERC-NEOF Pilot Genome Project, UK “Role of trace-gas oxidising microorganisms in newly exposed glacier forefield soils” £11k

  • 2021-2023: Enhanced grant, Royal Society, UK, £170k

  • 2021-2026: Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellowship “Contribution of trace gases to microbial colonisation of volcanic soils”, Royal Society, UK, £693k

  • 2020: Focused Meeting Grant. Microbial Cycling of Volatile Organic Compounds. In collaboration with Colin Murrell (UEA, UK) and Terry McGenity (Exeter University, UK). Microbiology Society, U.K

  • 2019: 1st Int. Symp. On Microbial Ecology – Latin America, Valparaíso, Chile, Travel grant, International Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME), EUR 500           

  • 2019-2020: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany, Humboldt Research Fellowship Award for Postdoctoral Researchers, EUR 26.7k

  • 2019: 8th Congress of European Microbiologist FEMS-9, Glasgow, Scotland, GBP 900

  • 2019: 5th International Symposium on the Environmental Dimension of Antibiotic       Resistance, Hong Kong, China, President’s Fund Travel Award, Society for Applied Microbiology, U.K GBP 1.2k

  • 2018: Student Placement Scholarship Award, Society for Applied Microbiology, U.K, GBP 2k

  • 2018: Global Research Initiator Scheme Award for collaborations with China, University of Southampton, UK, GBP 5k

  • 2017: Research Communicator Award, University of Southampton, UK

  • 2014: Research project C104-AG-Hernández-García, Max Planck Institute, Marburg, Germany, EUR 6k

  • 2010-2012: Humboldt Research Fellowship Award for Postdoctoral Researchers, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany, EUR 94k

  • 2009: X International Symposium on Bacterial Genetics and Ecology. Uppsala, Sweden, CONICYT-Chile Travel Award USD 2.5k

  • 2009: XXXI Chilean Congress of Microbiology. Santa Cruz, Chile, CONICYT-Chile Travel Award, USD 500

  • 2008: III International Meeting on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. EUR 1k

  • 2008: Max Planck Institute for terrestrial Microbiology, CONICYT-Chile Internship Award, EUR 8k

  • 2008: XII International Symposium on Microbial Ecology. Cairns, Australia, CONICYT- Chile Travel Award, USD 2.5k

  • 2006-2010: Lead investigator on grant to support PhD research AT-24080081, CONICYT- Chile, GBP 4k

  • 2006-2010: CONICYT- Chile PhD Studentship

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